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Who we are

Business Solutions & Education (BSE) is a member-owned IT Solutions and Education-based Marketing Provider. Members are provided with savings and earning power with its results-oriented technology which brings customers and businesses together. Members save and make money by products and services offered by Consortium Members.


"Your business model very, very impressive indeed!!! Congratulations on being able to put together a consortium of a diverse, multi-talented and multi-faceted group of successful individuals sharing a collective vision with a potential for significant, disruptive and innovative template of doing business that can shake, re-shape and revolutionize global commerce as we know it."

Art Macasinag, Monterey, CA

"Thank you for creating a professional website for me. Now I finally acted on my vision to start a nursing agency business and avail the many benefits and tax advantages for having a business while I keep my job as a nurse."

Jenny B. Frazier RN, Auburn, WA

"Sonny, Mani you two are God send to me, generous, and professional on how you delivered my website quickly. I look forward to working with you for a long time."

Rogel Cayetano, Seattle WA.